Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Year: 2020 | Services:

Pure Harvest Smart Farms, a leading tech-enabled agribusiness, that delivers large-scale production of sustainably-grown, delicious and affordable fresh produce. The partnership with Alliances for Global Sustainability will include capital and will secure over 30 hectares of strategic land in Al Ain which will be used for the imminent expansion of Pure Harvest Smart Farm's proprietary high-tech controlled environment agriculture solution.


Year: 2019  | Services:

Alliances for Global Sustainability (AGS) recently launched Globechain UAE, a reuse online marketplace that aims at eliminating waste. The platform connects companies with charities, SMEs and individuals to redistribute whatever companies do not use anymore.

By using Globechain we help our clients improve the way they use and reuse natural resources to create a more sustainable environment. Also, clients are provided with is a report containing social, economic and environmental data that can be used to generate PR and CSR credentials, and also contribute to the process of obtaining BREAM/LEED points for green building certification.

The initiative is supported by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Community Development and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment with whom Alliances for Global Sustainability have signed a cooperation pact.


Year: 2020  | Services:

Established in 2020, Aurora50 is a for-profit social enterprises that tackles global problems which need communities to work together to drive positive change and create innovative solutions. We bring stakeholders together because we believe that when you connect the right people who want to create a positive change, anything is possible.

We take our inspiration from the beautiful Aurora Borealis - a vivid demonstration of the Earth's magnetic field interacting with charged particles from the sun. When you bring positive people together beautiful things can happen.

Aurora can also mean the dawn and we believe every day is a new beginning. We have the opportunity to drive change today but as we plan for the next 50 years of the UAE, we also consider the best solutions for the generations to come. Our first project ‘20 for 2020’ aims to place 20 women on 20 UAE boards through a development programme that will provide coaching, mentoring and training.