Investment Criteria

At Alliances, we devote extensive time and resources to performing the initial studies, research and due diligence needed to identify and evaluate projects and the investment opportunities that have been presented to us, to assess whether it fits our investment profile.

The Alliances team has decades of combined
experience in:

Project Development
Business & Corporate Development
Corporate Finance
Operational Management and
Public Relations

Our team works closely with lawyers, technical and other advisors to develop a bespoke solution for each transaction, that facilitates simple, cost-efficient and robust implementation of our portfolio.

Financial Criteria

Alliances generally invests in economically feasible projects that support the sustainability of the United Arab Emirates (primary objective) and outside the UAE (secondary objective). Our target investment size is up to $100 million. However, we will consider investments outside this range, depending on the scalability of the project and whether the project meets our hurdle rate for investment.

Transaction Criteria

Sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution, and recapture.
Food and water security
Resource efficient buildings and technology
Circular economy and waste management
Social infrastructure – health, education and equality

Management Criteria

In most cases, Alliances seek to own a minimum of 51% of the projects in which we invest, but we also take up minority stakes in ventures led by world-class partners. We are looking for partners whose character, culture and organization are conducive to forming true, long-term partnerships. We work closely with our investment partners, ranging from entrepreneurs to institutional investors and publicly listed companies; and invest together, developing relationships that should outlast any single investment. We seek to align our interests with our investment partners both economically and strategically.